7 Common Misconceptions About Interior Design

Interior design London is quite a popular field. Still, there are a handful of misconceptions in regards to this challenging trade. Let us take a look at seven of the most common.
1. All Females

Many falsely believe that an online search such as “interior designers London” will yield only female professionals. The truth of the matter is that males are equally present within this field.

2. Fabrics Alone

The classic image of an interior designer is a professional who tends to “play” with fabric swatches and nothing more. In reality, most designers are heavily involved with other areas such as the selection of furniture, painting and electronics.

3. Only Contemporary Designs

Another falsity is that designers are only concerned with the most cutting-edge trends. While they have no problem thinking outside of the proverbial box, these technicians are just as able to address traditional requirements.

4. Too Expensive

An Internet phrase such as “interior design London” may very well produce some high-end firms, but many of these individuals are quite affordable. The myth of massively expensive roles likewise needs to be dispelled. Most designers are more than able to accommodate the needs of a tight budget.

5. Uptight and Stressed

Many customers who have never desired the services of an interior designer can be under the false impression that their profession is defined by a great deal of stress and an inability to bend the rules. Although this may indeed have been propagated by the movies, such an observation is hardly the case. On the contrary, these designers are some of the most flexible and friendly individuals within any skilled trade. They will often flavour their work with humour and a definitive one-on-one relationship with the client.

6. Homosexuality

This is another false belief that has been nurtured by cinema. Much like any profession, there are numerous gender roles found within modern interior design. Not only is the assumption that the majority of professionals are homosexuals insulting, it is just plain wrong.

7. Only Working with High-End Homes

Interior designers London are more than happy to work with what may considered to be an “average” dwelling. Their services are not reserved only for mansions. Even the smallest and most frugal of homes can be improved through the use of one of these trained professionals.